If you are a fan of Anime, then you are most likely a fan of any sort of game with a cute anime face and bright colors flashing in sequence. If that’s the case, then most slot machines are made just for you.  Here is a list of anime themed slot machines that are fun engaging and most of all entertaining.

Koi Princess Slot

The princess motif is pretty popular in the word of anime and even in the word of Japanese pop music and this game takes that to a whole new level. It has some fun images that might remind you of characters like Orhime and even Kagome from Inuyasha. Plus the slot is full of all sorts of bonus feature including the Sure Win Free Spins and10 Free Spins and a Bonus round jackpot.
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Evangelion Slot

This slot is a licensed game based on of one of the most interesting an mind-bending anime series ever created:  Neon Genesis Evangelion. This show was all about giant robot creatures called angels and the only male pilot’s mental instability and insecurities. The game features 5 scatter symbols, a 15 free spins bonus, and 20 free spins

LadyBug Adventures Slot

This slot machine is a more simple variation on a theme. LadyBug Adventures has a 5-reel video slot system that has the potential to payout 243 ways, and it is one of the most popular games in this niche, the heroine of LadyBug will sometimes trigger Bonus Games and Respins if you are lucky.

Ecchi Playground Slot

Like the name says this game is number one.  This anime themed slot features several female anime avatars that deliver bonuses to you at certain points while you play. Of course, you have just as much of a chance of losing if you don’t pay attention.

Girl Slot

This is a basic no nonsense slot machine. Girl Slot features a 3-reel system with a 5 pay line video slot array, featuring Extra Bet, Bonus Rounds, Spin Stop, Free Spins, and Instant Play.

Miyuki & Friends Slot

The name Miyuki is pretty popular in Japan, and now this Miyuki is ready to take you on a trip through the forest with her friends. The game features several bonuses and, of course, a meadow field with flowers.

Manga Money Slot

The Manga Money slot is becoming more and more popular among action slot fans as the 3 reel game offers a rich anime style aesthetic with plenty of action and thrills. The object of the game is to gather up the money on the machine and get away safely. The game features two characters Man and Manga Woman, and they are there to help you get back the stolen money.

The Super Graphics Super Lucky Slot

This slot game is all about the visuals, and it’s been a massive success since it was created.  The game features a five-line Japanese style reel-shaped like a capsule, and it seems like it was based on a demented video game from the future. The game comes with 12 free spins trigger and the capsules provide you with a multiplier. It also features a 250x jackpot.

Champion of Champions Slot

This slot machine has a real narrative as you go up against the evil antagonist Yoshinobu and try to stop him from crushing the wills of several noble warriors. You get a special bonus when you trigger the Golden Dragon and shift the balance of power in favor of the Warriors.

Rock the Mouse Slot

This slot machine is one that takes a simple concept and makes it into an engaging, flash-fest filled with action and the possibility to make a lot of money. Rock the Mouse has three 3-reels and a single-pay line. It’s also a video slot with an autoplay feature, a Hold Feature, Bonus Rounds, Spin Stop, Multipliers, and Wild Symbols.