Many fans of 24 just can’t get enough of it and are eagerly awaiting its next installment if and when it comes. In the meantime iSoftbet has created a slot version of the television series that should appeal to its die-hard fans.

How to Play

The game has 5-reels and 10 paylines and the least amount that you can bet is 0.01 while the maximum is 2.00. You will notice that many of the symbols on the game have everything to do with Jack and his job.

Consequently, if three of these symbols follow each other on a payline then you win. However, the symbols do not dispense coins in equal measure. For example, his gun will give you 70 coins but if his face illuminates your screen then 250 coins are all yours.


There may not be a progressive jackpot on 24 but if you make it to the bonus game then you could make as much as 100 times your wager if you successfully defuse a bomb within the time limit.


24 is a regular slot game but its sound and appearance can transport you back to the hit TV series as you hear Jack’s voice in the background every once in a while. Aside from that, the game has wilds and scatters as would be expected of any decent slot game.

The 24 logo serves as a wild symbol and only appears on the 2nd to 4th reels and results in a re-spin. On the other hand, the scatter symbols results in free coins but how much you get depends on how many scatters there are.

Tips and Tricks

Keep your eye on the clock at the corner of your screen, when your time runs out you will automatically enter the bonus round.